LinkedIn Marketing for Individuals

As a business leader or solopreneur, you have the potential to massively influence how your business is perceived. Adding your voice, personality, and story to your marketing efforts can pay huge dividends.

Personalities like Elon Musk have really cracked this. He connected with his audience resulting in people really caring about his story. When you think of Tesla and SpaceX, you think of Elon Musk. His personal brand helped to build his companies and actually eclipses them.

People buy from people and they love hearing and engaging with people’s stories.

Outcomes We Help With

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Ways to Access Our Services

Not every client has the same requirements. To provide clients with the solution that best fits their requirements, we offer 3 different solutions.


LinkedIn & Sales Navigator Consultancy

1. Consultancy

For those who want a very hands-on approach, we offer consultancy services in which you will work very closely with us to set up and action your campaigns.

Consultancy has a number of benefits:

1. Strategic Learning: we massively short-cut the learning curve and impart our knowledge and ideas.
2. Certainty: we have been delivering LinkedIn marketing services since 2014 so know the pitfalls to avoid and what works.
3. Saving time: working together will save you time so you will start benefitting from the opportunities on LinkedIn sooner.
4. Accountability: by working closely with us, we will be there to guide you and push you on to deliver success.
5. Support:we are only a call away if you need some feedback. We’ll be there to ensure the maximum returns for your campaigns.

2. Campaign Management

For those who want to maximise their time, we can even help with elements of campaign execution.

One of the biggest challenges we find with our clients, is the time they have available to execute the activities for campaigns.

To help with this, in March 2017 we launched a Campaign Management service to save our clients lots of time, and ultimately money, by doing some of the grunt work for them.

Many of the activities can be outsourced enabling clients to focus on dealing with the pipeline activities when a potential client engages.

All campaign management programmes are tailored to your requirements.

LinkedIn & Sales Navigator Campaign Management
LinkedIn & Sales Navigator Training

3. Training

All our training sessions provide knowledge, training and systems so our clients have complete clarity around what to do, when to do it and how to do it. We provide resources and actionable steps to help attendees implement the training.

Topics include:

1. The Importance of Profile Optimisation

2. Setting up Sales Navigator for Success

3.Outbound Strategies for Nurturing Existing LinkedIn Connections

4. LinkedIn Content to Engage Your Ideal Clients

All training programmes are tailored to your audience.

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