Sales Navigator A-Z

The purpose of this guide is to act as a reference for Sales Navigator. The spotlight pages will give you a fuller understanding of the functionality and use. For non-Sales Navigator users it is a useful introduction to Sales Navigator and the benefits gained from its use.

What is Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a sales and marketing tool that sits on top of LinkedIn. It provides its users with a different view of LinkedIn and additional data for the 1st Connections they have in their network and for those people in their future network (2nd+ connections). It is a tool that takes time to learn and requires implementing effective strategies for success. Just having Sales Navigator will not deliver results. It’s a fantastic tool but knowledge, time and work are needed.

What’s in the Guide

Within the guide, you’ll find 149 definitions of elements that are in Sales Navigator. In addition, there are 20 spotlight pages which go into detail of the main features with tips on their use.

Learn the Fundamentals

Learning to use Sales Navigator isn’t easy. For many, it can be incredibly frustrating when it’s not quick to grasp how to use it. The reality is like with many tools, time and effort are required so you know what to do, where to start, and what strategies to implement. The aim of this guide is to short-cut some of that learning so you have a resource where you can learn the fundamentals.

If you don’t learn the fundamentals, your efforts will not be as productive and unfortunately, some give up. I don’t want this for you because Sales Navigator is a fantastic tool when it’s used effectively.

Reading this guide is a good start and provides you with a platform to push on from. In addition, I’m available to fill in any gaps you have.

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