LinkedIn Consultancy


David Stewart
Sales Director

“I want to thank Philip for our recent chat. I’ve just finished the strategy session with him. Really really inciteful. The session was very valuable and I would highly recommend he does the same for you.”

Robin Waddell

Robin Waddell
Business Development Director

“Many thanks to Phil for our first consultancy session to help us position Greenbelt and the business development and sales team on LinkedIn. The session was very informative, very detailed, and extremely valuable. Excited to get started.”


Maggie Sarfo
CEO, Board Advisor and Mentor

“Working with Phil and the Linked Into Sales team has increased my connections by over 1,000 new contacts in the space of 3 months. Our pipeline is looking strong and more targeted with leads already very close to closing.”


Andrew Adamson

“When we started I had a number in my mind on the responses we could get – I can tell you I was wrong, we have got three times that number. I’m absolutely delighted!”


David MacKinnon
General Manager
Kingsknowe Golf Club
Sports Teams and Clubs

“Thank you for the LinkedIn consultancy session. You helped me to set up a LinkedIn company page quickly and effectively, and gave me a checklist so we could continue to develop the page. Time and money well spent.”

Liz Leonard

Liz Leonard
Business Owner
Liz Leonard Franchise Advisor
Franchise Consultancy

“I was recommended to use Linked Into Sales by a marketing consultant who said they had exceptional technical knowledge and strategy. I haven’t been disappointed.”

Sales Navigator


Shanee Moret
Founder & CEO

“Philip is who I recommend for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. He is a master and there’s no one better.”

Ray Dorney

Ray Dorney
Sales Director
Rockford Associates

“Many thanks for your help with our use of Sales Navigator and generating leads. Our sales pipeline is now much more organised, focused and very full. Thanks also for the product suggestion. Much appreciated!”

RJ Barros

RJ Barros
Wellness and Fitness Services

“Philip is a champion at Sales Navigator and within just a few minutes he helped me get clear on how to get IMMEDIATE results in talking with my ideal client. Thank you so much! Highly recommended.”


Ed Forteau
Email Deliverability Expert
Marketing Services

“Phil is a wizard when it comes to working with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. There is a lot of untapped power with Sales Navigator, and Phil knows the ins and outs of leveraging it both strategically and tactically. If you think you could be using Sales Navigator better, talk to Phil…he’ll put you on the right track.”


Sri Mahabir
Video Visibility Coach

“As a LinkedIn Premium user, I was curious about Sales Navigator. Philip makes learning how to use Sales Navigator easy and fun. If you want to learn more, get strategies, Philip is the one to reach out to.”


Jane Quinn
Managing Director

“If you’re looking for help with Sales Navigator, look no further. The searches were full of exactly the people I wanted to speak to. Phil’s system within Sales Navigator helps me channel my efforts towards those who are really interested. Phil’s knowledge and use of Sales Navigator are unparalleled.”

LinkedIn Campaign Management

Brian Best

Brian Best
Head of Sales
ICS Learn
Professional Training and Coaching

“Many thanks to Phil for the work he has done with us over the last six months. Direct business from the campaigns have resulted in over £100,000 of new business making it a very cost effective lead generator. I would highly recommend this route to market guided by Phil’s expertise.”


Alex Hazlewood
Managing Director
IT Services and IT Consulting

“Within 2 weeks of the service starting I began to get sales leads and after 2 months these have turned into contracts totalling £57,000 annually. Not only has your service provided me with an amazing ROI but has resulted in my need to employ another team member.”


Avinash Vasa
Cogent Hub
Outsourced Company

“One of the successes of the campaign so far is that I am close to closing a contract for my outsourced customer service that will be worth between £500,000 and £1,000,000. I fully believe in Linked Into Sales’ service and feel it’s the right investment for companies.”


Carol Peebles
Account Manager
Clark Thomson
Insurance Brokers

“Within the first month you have managed to get me an appointment with the largest haulage contractor in Scotland to review all their insurances. This opportunity is probably the biggest in all of Clark Thomson’s 50 years as the premiums for the 3 years contract will be £2,000,000.”


Tim Stevens
Managing Director
B2B Data Provider

“I would highly recommend Phil’s services. Through his linkedin lead generation processes, we have won contracts totalling over £35,000 (annually) in just 5 months. in addition we have a lot more in the pipeline. We gained leads instantly from when the service began and have had a steady flow since.”


Karamjit Nanda
Partner Account Manager
B2B Telecoms

“Linked Into Sales’ service has been great at helping me grow the Toople Partner Channel. So much so that we need to add to the business development team due to all the opportunities that are coming in.”

LinkedIn Training


Angie Cameron
Managing Director
Wellness and Fitness Services

“The LinkedIn training was time well spent and a great investment for our business. After completing LinkedIn Masterclass 1, and the actions from it, I have already received 5 leads for my business. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending any business to do their LinkedIn training with Phil and his team.”

Sophie Taysom

Sophie Tayson
Head of Marketing
Design Services

“Well, what a great course. Even if you think you know LinkedIn, there is so much you can learn from this 4-hr session with Phil. It has made me do some instant changes, look at how I want the account to work for me and how best to do this.”


John Hamilton
Area Sales Manager
Retail Office Equipment

“I attended LinkedIn training with Phil and I found the content extremely interesting and informative . The pace of the training was good and Phil’s knowledge of LinkedIn is first class. I am now confident that LinkedIn is a excellent way to develop and grow my company.”


Catriona Tanner
Marketing Consultant
The Craft Detective
Marketing Services

“Philip’s LinkedIn Masterclass was very helpful. It provided a good general overview of LinkedIn and I came away with practical ‘next steps’ to implement to help meet the business growth objectives of the company I work for.”


Dr. David Parratt
International Barrister & Advocate
Faculty of Advocates
Law Practice

“Great workshop from Philip at the Faculty of Advocates today. Interesting material on building the client base and encouraging a “mind shift” in LinkedIn use.”


Fiona Park
Business Development Consultant
Perceptions Consulting
Marketing Services

“The LinkedIn Master Class was perfectly paced, with great detail and, best of all, generated a very practical list of actions. I thoroughly recommend this course!”

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