For those that want a more hands-on approach, we offer services in which we offer our help and guidance in the different elements of setting up a campaign. Leaning on us when running your own campaign has a number of benefits:

  • Strategic Learning: we massively short-cut the learning curve. We have been delivering LinkedIn marketing services since February 2015 so know what works.
  • Campaign Planning & Targeting: without proper planning and targeting campaigns can miss the mark and produce poor results. We offer a service to help with this.
  • Campaign Set-up: we implement all actions to set up campaigns. From profile optimisation to Sales Navigator, and from messaging to LinkedIn settings. We can help you set them up in the optimal way.
  • Campaign Execution & Tracking: implementing LinkedIn campaigns take time and organisation. We can provide you with the resources to help you to stay on track.
  • Support: we are only a call away if you need some feedback. We’re happy to help to ensure your campaign suceeds.


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