Campaign Management

We appreciate that in the modern world business people are extremely busy. This is why in March 2017 we launched a Campaign Management service to save our clients lots of time, and ultimately money, by doing some of the grunt work for them.

The Benefits of Our Services

  • Strategic Learning: we have implemented thousands of campaigns over the years so know the strategies that work.
  • Campaign Planning: without proper planning and targeting campaigns can miss the mark and produce poor results.
  • Campaign Set-up: we implement all actions to set up profiles, Sales Navigator searches and all other elements necessary.
  • Campaign Implementation: we implement the vast majority of actions. Clients need to respond to the inbound engagement.
  • User Training and Support: we ensure that clients know how to fulfil their end of the campaign through online and group training.
  • Campaign Tracking: we track the health of the campaign and hold monthly meetings with clients to identify areas fro improvement.

We hold clients by the hand to ensure that we maximise opportunities and performance.


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