Learn Smart Strategies to Gain Ideal Clients.
Don’t Waste Your Time with Bad Leads.

Sales Navigator: An advanced sales tool that helps individuals build and nurture customer relationships on LinkedIn’s network.

Ready to Master Sales Navigator?

This course is perfect for you if you are in one of the following categories…


An Existing Sales Navigator User
Are you a Sales Navigator user who is unsure how to use Sales Navigator effectively and consequently not maximising your returns from your LinkedIn efforts?


A LinkedIn Premium User (or Free Account)
Do you want to find out how to effectively use an advanced sales tool for building, organising, nurturing and converting a large audience of your ideal buyers?

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Shanee Moret
Growth Strategist
Philip is who I recommend for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. He is a master and there’s no one better.


RJ Barros
Branding & Sales Consultant
Philip is a champion at Sales Navigator and within just a few minutes he helped me get clear on how to get IMMEDIATE results in talking with my ideal client. Thank you so much! Highly recommended 🙂


Sri Mahabir
Video Content Creation Coach
As a LinkedIn Premium user, I was curious about Sales Navigator. Philip makes learning how to use Sales Navigator easy and fun. If you want to learn more, get strategies, Philip is the one to reach out to.

A 6-Week Program Designed for Learning & Taking Action

In this program, you’ll learn exactly how to…

  • Set-up highly relevant searches to find your ideal buyer.
  • Segment your prospect audience into useful lists for meaningful targeting.
  • Use Sales Navigator as a mini-CRM for managing your sales pipeline, lead scoring and organising follow up with ideal buyers.

And within 6 weeks, if you follow the system, you will be able to:

  • Build an audience of highly relevant ideal buyers.
  • Increase the number of meaningful touchpoints you have with your ideal buyers to strengthen these relationships.
  • Generate new opportunities and consistently gain clients.

Knowing how to use Sales Navigator effectively is key to maximising your returns from your LinkedIn efforts.

This is exactly why we created Sales Nav Master.

How Exactly Does The 6-Week Sales Nav Master Program Work?


Step 1: Sign-up
Enroll in one of the upcoming 6-week Sales Nav Master courses.


Step 2: Fill in Online Form
Once you join, we will send you a link to an online form, which once filled in, will help us find out exactly what you do and who you serve. This will provide us with essential background information to prepare for your targeting session.


Step 3: Join the Community
Gain access to our private community of business leaders where we learn, collaborate, do real business, grow together and support each other.


Step 4: Learn, Participate & Take Action
Gain access to weekly online training, engage in the weekly Live Q&A group workshop, and complete your weekly assignments.


Step 5: Two One-on-One Sessions for Targeting & Strategy
Get a one-on-one video consult with our team to review and discuss who your ideal buyer is and focus on your personalised plan of action. The second session is at the end of the course to check and ensure you know exactly where you are going strategically.


Step 6: Maximising your returns from your LinkedIn efforts
Use Sales Navigator effectively to build a large audience of highly targeted prospects, engage in conversations and consistently turn them into customers.

It’s Time For You to Make a Choice…


Do Nothing
You can do nothing new and stay exactly where you currently are and risk your competitors pulling ahead of you.


Invest in Yourself
Learn how to use Sales Navigator effectively to finally get the returns for your efforts on LinkedIn and consistently acquire new customers.

Sales Nav Master Upcoming Program
The next course will start on Friday 14th January when we’ll have a pre-course call for meet and greet. Your first week’s training will be drip fed into your account on 15th January.

What’s Included

  • One-On-One ‘Targeting’ session for personalised LinkedIn coaching
  • Private community group to ask questions, gain support and network
  • 6 Weeks of training (Lifetime access)
  • A course structure with accountability and assessments built in so you implement the actions and move forward
  • Exact resources we use with our ‘Campaign Management’ clients
  • 6 Q&A Live trainings with real-time feedback (Lifetime access to the recordings)
  • One-On-One ‘Strategy’ session at the end of the course for personalised LinkedIn coaching

When you join the Sales Nav Master program we want to ensure your success.

This is why enrolment is LIMITED because we want to give you the attention your campaign and efforts deserve.

Secure Your Spot Now For Only $697


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