The Boost System

For a business to grow it needs a consistent throughput of quality targeted sales opportunities. 90% of businesses report that they struggle to generate new leads; furthermore, since the advent of GDPR, building a targeted audience has become more difficult.

Best in class business leaders will tell you that a proven system is the secret ingredient to their success. This is where the Boost System comes in.

The 5-Step System

The Boost System follows a 5-step process.

Steps 1 – 2: The Foundations

Steps 1 to 2 are the foundations that the whole campaign is built on. The aim is to ensure the best offer is put in front of the best buyers, to solve their main pain point. This groundwork is crucial to the success of the campaign and should not be rushed.

Step 3: Optimising the marketing assets

Without marketing assets that resonate with your buyers, the campaign will fall short. The foundation work is crucial because it filters into every element of the campaign, from LinkedIn profiles to messaging sequences and from saved searches to content. If you get the message wrong you will fail to capture the attention of your buyers.

Step 4: Campaign Execution

Once all elements for the campaign have been set up, it’s a case of executing the campaign. Sending connection messages to the target prospects in the searches, engaging with your new audience and staying top-of-mind with those who don’t buy immediately.

Step 5: Tracking

It would be great if everything fell into place straight away. Tracking enables us to measure the results of the campaign and to identify potential issues at an early stage. The goal is to maximise sales and marketing efficiency and performance through a structured approach in which analytics sit at the heart of the system and ensure improvement is achieved.

The Outcomes

This proven 5 step system will supercharge your sales and marketing efforts:

  • Audience Build: Building an audience of ideal prospects you can market to forever.
  • Qualified Leads: Receiving super qualified leads, to achieve high close rates.
  • Reduced Costs: Increasing revenue whilst saving time & money.
  • Transformation: Improving sales and marketing effectiveness and performance.
The Boost System

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